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For Researchers and Businesses

Contracts:  Mr. Schurr is known nationally for his expertise in research contracts between Sponsors, CROs and Research Sites.  He has given numerous presentations on the topic, including issues such as indemnification, the protection of intellectual property rights, and the utilization of contractors and CROs by a pharmaceutical, biologics or medical device sponsor.  He has represented numerous sponsors, CROs, consultants, and research sites that are engaged in research.

Health Care Regulatory Compliance:  Mr. Schurr can assist you in securing compliance with the myriad of ever changing regulations that govern health care and research, including those rules and regulations that apply to ethics boards, informed consent, certification of testing laboratories,  Good Clinical Practices, and licensure of facilities and staff.  He can provide assistance in the event of a governmental audit or inspection.  Mr. Schurr has chaired and created several Independent Data Monitoring Committees for the purpose of overseeing ongoing clinical trials.  Mr. Schurr can also provide guidance regarding the legal importation of drugs, biologics and medical devices.

Privacy Rights:  What must you do to protect the privacy rights of the research study test subjects and how do you ensure that your staff is legally obligated and adequately trained to assist you in these matters?   What happens if the right of privacy is violated?  Mr. Schurr can assist you with these matters.

Formation:  If you are starting a business, should you organize it as a corporation, limited liability company, partnership, joint venture or sole proprietorship?  What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?  How do you proceed?  Ask Mr. Schurr.

Employment Issues:  Many unique employment issues arise in the health care setting.  In addition, any and all employers need to be able to deal with health care related issues such as privacy, the Family Medical Leave Act, the Affordable Care Act and Insurance matters.