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For Health Care Providers

Contracts:  Mr. Schurr’s practical knowledge of “what really happens” in a clinical setting uniquely enables him to prepare and review contracts between various entities within the health care system.  He attended the Loyola University of Chicago School of Law Health Law Institute and is a member of the Health Law Alumni Association.
Health Care Regulatory Compliance:  Mr. Schurr can assist you in securing compliance with the myriad of regulations that govern health care.  Mr. Schurr has been working in the field of health care regulatory compliance since 1979.

Privacy Rights:  What are the requirements of the state and federal laws regarding confidentiality of health information?  How do you pragmatically comply with these requirements?  What happens if there is a conflict between the state law and federal law requirements?  What special rules exist for the mentally ill, children and other vulnerable patient populations?  How do you ensure that electronic health care data are secure?  What are your obligations if a breach of confidentiality occurs at your facility?  How do you train your staff and how do you document the training?  Ask Mr. Schurr.

Disciplinary Matters:  Mr. Schurr can assist state-licensed health care providers that are undergoing disciplinary action in Illinois and Indiana.