The Schurr Health Care Legal Clinic is designed to provide legal assistance to health care patients within the health care system.  The following services are available:

Privacy Issues:  What are the patient’s rights under state and federal laws regarding confidentiality of health information?  What special rules are in place for patients who are mentally ill, children, elderly or members of other vulnerable patient populations?  Does health care information remain confidential in divorce and/or criminal proceedings?  How can an individual tell if his/her privacy rights have, in fact, been violated?  And if so, what legal remedies are available?  The Schurr Health Care Legal Clinic can investigate, answer your questions, and pursue remedies on your behalf.

Mental Health Coverage and Treatment:  In Illinois and Indiana, the Schurr Health Care Legal Clinic can provide you and/or your mentally ill or disabled family member with legal assistance in the areas of voluntary and involuntary commitment, commitment hearings, periodic reviews, orders of compulsory treatments and/or medications, enforcement of rights of the mentally disabled, appointment of guardianships, mental health advance directive, and insurance coverage issues.

Insurance Coverage:  The Schurr Health Care Legal Clinic can assist you in choosing the appropriate types of insurance coverage, including private insurance, Medicare Parts A, B and D, and Medicaid.  The legal clinic can also assist you in obtaining payment of health insurance claims when they are improperly denied.

State and Federal Disability:  The Schurr Health Care Legal Clinic can help disabled individuals qualify for disability benefits in Indiana and Illinois, and under the various federal laws, if they are legally entitled.  The legal clinic can also help disabled individuals appeal inappropriate denials of their benefits.

Patient Advocacy Issues:  The Schurr Health Care Legal Clinic can act as an advocate for any patient by providing whatever type of legal assistance is needed, whenever and wherever, within our health care system.  This patient advocacy includes the preparation and enforcement of health care powers of attorney and living wills.

For assistance, and information on rates and fees, contact the Schurr Health Care Legal Clinic at 312-286-0359.